Stop the Spread has fulfilled its charter as of December 2021. This website has been frozen but will remain available through 2022.

Expanding America’s testing supply and equitable distribution infrastructure

We seek to not only mitigate but suppress the virus, helping increase America’s testing capabilities. We accomplish this by identifying affordable, rapid response point of care and point of need testing solutions that can support our nation’s most vulnerable communities. We offer test developers and manufacturers assistance in the form connections to vendors, research partners, samples, pilot testing partners, and distribution channels as well as funding.


America’s testing supply & infrastructure

Stop the Spread helps increase America’s testing capabilities by facilitating funding to scale production and matching lab facilities with manufacturers. We also work with research, medical, and public institutions to form connections that advance and support new treatment and tracing efforts.

Testing: a critical need

Widespread molecular testing is needed to better understand the ways that COVID-19 spreads and safely open the country. We estimate testing needs to increase to 30+M/week to detect all symptomatic and asymptomatic patients and suppress the spread of the virus.


Here are select opportunities that Stop the Spread helped connect and catalyze:


GAD and SEKO: Shipping low-cost diagnostics globally

Global Access Diagnostics (GAD) is a UK-based social enterprise delivering millions of affordable diagnostics to low and middle income countries. They quickly ramped up production at their UK headquarters in response to COVID and were burdened by managing all outbound logistics in-house.

Enter SEKO, a leading third-party logistics company and member of the C19 Coalition along with Stop the Spread. SEKO's expertise proved to be an excellent match for GAD's ambition. Together, they have been able to increase diagnostic shipping volume and partner on long-term scaling strategies to ensure GAD’s supply chain is resilient moving forward.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has not only highlighted the critical supply chain challenges faced by lower income countries, but also the importance of investing in a strengthening of diseases surveillance, diagnosis and management in these regions, as an investment in collective health security for us all.  STS has been instrumental in linking us with partners like SEKO, who can directly assist us in our goal of building access and affordability of diagnostics for those who need them most.” - Mark Radford, Executive Director of GAD


Form Labs & Northwell Health: 3D Printing & Sterilizing Sample Collection Swabs at Scale

Formlabs, a 3D printing manufacturer, recognized they could leverage their technology to help address the nationwide shortage of sample collection swabs required for COVID-19 testing. Working with Northwell Health and USF Health researchers, Formlabs developed a 3D printed swab, yet lacked the capabilities to sterilize the swabs for distribution to other hospitals. Stop the Spread is introducing Formlabs to contract manufacturers with sterilization capabilities to help form a new connection that addresses their needs.

Columbia University: Scaling Precise Viral Load Testing

Precise viral load testing allows for measurement of the levels of the virus and the stage of the illness. These measurements are critical for clinical tests of COVID-19 treatments like plasma therapy. Columbia University is currently producing 200 tests per day for Johns Hopkins University to conduct clinical tests, but require additional funding to scale. Stop the Spread is working to facilitate philanthropic funding to support the rapid scaling of these tests.

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