Our Healthcare System Needs Help Now

The healthcare system needs our help to rapidly increase COVID-19 support and recovery around the US. We would love to hear from you if you believe your company can help support these efforts.

Who We Are

Stop the Spread (STS) is a coalition of volunteer CEOs working to unlock the collective potential of US businesses to catalyze action and bolster the public sector in response to COVID-19. As an organization, a group of our CEOs wrote a Medium post that sparked a call to action and resulting in our op-ed in The New York Times that captured the imagination and commitment of more than 1,500 business leaders, all of whom have stepped forward to do their part.
In two short weeks, we’ve watched a national effort emerge. As a result, we’ve seen large and small companies answer the call to serve our nation. It’s exactly the kind of stakeholder capitalism we know this country and our leaders are capable of.  
Our Partners & their Work

Over the past few weeks, our team of 1,500 leaders and 100+ volunteers have identified more than 300 companies ready to jump into this work. These companies have submitted proposals and we’ve spent the past 2 weeks working hard to help them meet critical needs. Here are a few of the amazing organizations we are working with:

Flex Ltd: The global supply chain and manufacturing company is scaling its ventilator manufacturing efforts and ramping up production of personal protective equipment

GM/Ventec: Building VOCSN critical care ventilators at GM manufacturing facilities with FDA-cleared ventilators scheduled to ship as soon as next month

Columbia University: Dr. W. Ian Lipkin at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health has created the C3 Test, which can accurately detect precise viral loads of COVID-19 even without symptoms. Help the team scale up

Brooks Brothers: Converting their North Carolina, New York, and Massachusetts plants to produce gowns and masks -effective immediately -and put Americans back to work

Honda: With 12 manufacturing plants, Honda is offering to support PPE and ventilator production efforts for companies in need of plant capacity (fill out form below if interested)

And many more... In the coming days and weeks, we'll be featuring  more companies and their work to serve our country. If your company wants to get engaged, please fill out this form and we can get in touch.
Connecting and Catalyzing the Private Sector Response
Our goal is simple in concept - to connect and catalyze our nation’s businesses that are best-positioned to address the COVID crisis. We’re doing so with creative solutions like -- introducing large manufacturers with small ventilator companies, by flagging regulation that makes it hard for a retailer to make masks, and by providing data on how one company’s excess plastic  supply could be used to help another company make more tests.  Our overall focus is on the time-critical needs of our medical system. 

Ralph Lauren is working with their manufacturing partners to produce masks and isolation gowns.

Fiat Chrysler is manufacturing and donating more than 1 million protective face masks a month.

Ford is collaborating with 3M and GE Healthcare to increase the production of ventilators and personal protective equipment.

Jockey plans to deliver 30,000-50,000 gowns per week.

Atlas Air has supported FEMA in delivering millions of crucial PPE medical supplies.

The National Clearinghouse to connect healthcare providers with critical equipment.

What We Stand For 

We Serve the American Public

Our partner companies came together in service to the American public. As a network, we are catalyzing connections. Our business partners are committed to innovating and mobilizing to get the right resources to where they are needed most -- to COVID-19 victims, healthcare professionals, and frontline workers.

We Ask The Government to Lead; We’re Here to Help When They Need It

Our federal, state and local governments are leading the response to this crisis on the front lines. STS’s role is to mobilize the private sector in support of strategies being implemented by government officials. We are in constant communication with policymakers and operational leaders to ensure that government has access to, and understands the capacity -- and commitment -- of the private sector.

We Move with Urgency

During this crisis, each passing hour is critical. We prioritize making quick decisions so we can support people in need as fast as possible. 

We're Ideally Working Ourselves Out of a Job... 

The informal coalition of citizen leaders came together to address an unprecedented public health crisis, but we hope that the need for our existence will be short-lived. When our work is done, we will happily go back to our day jobs, focused on our businesses and our people.

We support those on the frontline

We’re launching an effort with a number of universities around the US to offer COVID-19 training programs to give workers resources on - what is COVID, how do I protect myself, how do I talk about this with my manager - and other crucial conversations needed to support and protect our workforce on the frontline.

We’re Also Helping Kids in Need 

Schools are shutting down to keep students healthy, but that can leave families in low-income communities without services they depend on or resources for their children to learn from home. National nonprofit DonorsChoose is helping teachers #KeepKidsLearning nationwide by sending materials to students’ homes, and Stephen and Ayesha Curry are working with a food bank to provide over one million meals to kids in Oakland. We’re asking leaders and celebrities to support students staying fed, safe, and learning.

Stay tuned for more resources in the coming weeks to help Americans respond to COVID together.