Stop the Spread has fulfilled its charter as of December 2021. This website has been frozen but will remain available through 2022.

Rapidly scaling Personal Protective Equipment to communities most in need

Stop the Spread helped many of America’s leading companies and new innovators to harness their design, production and distribution capabilities and connect to sources of demand for PPE.


scaling Personal Protective Equipment for the frontlines

Stop the Spread helps many of America’s leading companies harness their production and distribution capabilities to meet the unprecedented demand for PPE.

Personal Protective Equipment: a critical need

Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, was foundational to stopping the spread of COVID-19, for frontline healthcare workers, employees in critical jobs and the general public. The demand for PPE persisted in newly surging geographies. The fastest way to address these continued shortages was by helping new manufacturers make these critically needed items accessible and affordable to underserved communities.


Here are select opportunities that Stop the Spread helped connect and catalyze:

Brooks Brothers: Addressing the Need for Masks & Gowns

Early in the crisis, Brooks Brothers recognized their factories could play a key role in filling the unprecedented demand for personal protective equipment. Working with Stop the Spread, Brooks Brothers quickly converted its New York, North Carolina and Massachusetts factories from manufacturing ties, shits and suits to making critical masks and gowns. Brooks Brothers is ramping production to 150,000 masks per day, and soon expanding into gowns.

Community Purchasing Alliance: Bringing the benefits of scale to small organizations

Community Purchasing Alliance (CPA) is a cooperative of more than 200 schools, small businesses, nonprofits, and houses of worship. They help their member organizations access benefits of scale by pooling demand for goods and services to achieve lower prices and by providing a platform for members to share experience and best practices. During COVID, CPA has developed a cooperative procurement model for PPE that has helped their members gain easier access to PPE at lower costs. They have also directed more than 40% of spending to businesses owned by women, immigrants, and people of color. Stop the Spread has worked with ImpactAssets to provide an investment of working capital for CPA; as a result of this investment, CPA has facilitated the purchase of more than 250,000 units of PPE, protecting more than 65,000 people.

TO THE MARKET: Bringing transparency to the PPE supply chain

TO THE MARKET (TTM) is a supply chain company helping retailers and brands source and manufacture products that are socially and environmentally responsible and promoting transparency in the retail supply chain. Since the onset of COVID, TTM has sourced and manufactured millions of units of PPE from a supply chain of ethical and sustainable makers, including union factories in the United States that would otherwise not have an income. Stop the Spread has worked with ImpactAssets to make an investment that will provide the working capital TTM needs to scale and provide thousands more sustainably sourced units of PPE to hospitals and others in need.

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