Stop the Spread condemns the injustice of racism and stands with the black community.  We seek to engage with organizations that are actively combatting inequities.

Sheila Taube, PhD

Former National Cancer Institute/NIH
Technical Advisor

Sheila E. Taube received her Ph.D. in Microbiology/Virology from the University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine. She joined the faculty of the University of Connecticut Medical School following postdoctoral work at Yale University. Most of her career was spent at the National Cancer Institute/NIH where she became Director of the Cancer Diagnosis Program. Dr. Taube launched the Program for the Assessment of Clinical Cancer Tests, designed to ensure efficient and effective translation of new diagnostic knowledge and technologies into clinical practice. She also served on a diagnostics advisory committee at the FDA.

Sheila serves as a technical advisor for Stop the Spread, with a focus on diagnostic commercialization.

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